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I’m  a graphic designer working mainly on book covers, movie posters, logos, merchandising art, dvd boxes, and advertising.


Being a published author myself, I know how much a good cover can influence a reader to buy a book, so I do my best to find out the right image for my client's needs.


When you buy a graphic work from me, you can stay sure it becomes absolutely yours. All my graphics are unique new picture that will never be reused or resold.


A book cover or poster needs to say it all at a glance. Readers and viewers need to feel motivated and moved to buy a book or watch a movie because of these qualities. To accomplish this, I collaborate with the commissioning author until a satisfying final result is achieved.

I also have a 'pre-mades' section with flat prices. Please, inquire for discounts and offers by email.

Paperback covers start at $ 150.

Ebook cover design at $75

Movie Posters start at $250.

Just contact me at It’s best if you have some idea of what you want, but if you don’t we can come up with one together. 

Now, browse my portfolio and look at the various styles I used for different authors. Then, have a peek at the pre-mades section... maybe the cover you need is already there.

At a bargain price.



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