"I truly believe the sales of my 'Keyport Cthulhu' books would be a small fraction without the eye-popping covers from Jeffrey Kosh"

Armand Rosamilia, author of the Keyport Cthulhu series.

"J.K. Graphics has done the best covers for my novels and stories. I don't know what I'd do without the talented owner, Jeffrey Kosh. I'd recommend him to anyone!"

Billie Sue Mosiman, author of more than sixty books.

"Jeffrey Kosh is the best in the business. All I need to do is give a synopsis of my story and somehow he manages to create the perfect cover that tells the entire story in one succinct and gorgeous image. I also use him for all my promotional material as well. He has an absolute gift for graphics and is the most professional and fairly priced graphic artist I've found.
He breathed new life into my Bob the Zombie series when he rebranded it for me with new covers, ads, and even an amazing logo."

Jaime Johnesee, author of the BoB The Zombie series.

"Jeff's work is incredible, both in detail and relation to the story contained in the work. He is one of the few artists I know of who reads the story then designs the cover, merging the author's vision with the storyline."

Suzi M, author of the Immortal War series.

"Being his partner, I've seen the versatility of Jeffrey through the multitude of covers he's created over the past couple of years (some you can see, others that you might probably never see - which is a real shame). He can do something generic, or go as far as creating a whole character or background that entirely reflects what's in your story. With regards to my own covers, he's always blown me away. The fairy tale ones capture a scene, or a theme, with perfect artistry. In my covers, I saw exactly what I had in my mind - and I really didn't have to explain it to him, if you see what I mean. For Ravenous, things were a bit different. We went for a more abstract cover. It's elegant and intriguing, and it's relevant to the story, without spoiling. It did have an effect on some of the readers, which is what we were aiming for. He completely nailed it.

I'm really fortunate to share this incredible journey with him. Jeffrey has really turned a book-cover design job into art, a way to express himself and what he's studied all those years ago. I'm incredibly proud of him. He puts every ounce of professionalism in his work, and it really shows."

Lorraine Versini, author of RAVENOUS.

"If you are an author needing a cover for your latest creation, look no farther than Jeffrey Kosh Graphics. Mr. Kosh will work with you from the moment of contact to final presentation to make your cover perfectly represent your book. And if you prefer to go the slightly cheaper pre-made cover route, he's got those too and they are gorgeous.
If you are a movie maker looking for that fantastic poster for your film. Mr. Kosh has you covered there also. This man is super talented - his art is exquisite and his prices reasonable. 
You will do yourself a disservice if you do not check out Jeffrey Kosh Graphics for your next project."

Kat Yares, author of Vengeance is Mine.

"Jeffrey, your book cover design was masterful. You managed to incorporate the story into the cover which is an integral part of the history and the message of the book. It was outstanding design ability combined with caring and sensitivity that led to such an outstanding end product. I thank you!"

Grant Gochin, author of Malice, Murder, and Manipulation.

"Jeffrey Kosh has a talent for taking a simple idea and making it sublime. I have worked with him a few times now, and I was impressed with how quickly he could fashion these works of art. His images stay with you, drawing the eye and capturing the imagination."
Donald White, author of Getaway.

Mr. Jeffrey Kosh has been my global, commercial, branding illustrator since 2014. With the sudden death of my longtime graphic designer, and an ever increasing fan base in the United Kingdom, I needed to find the most artistically talented and dynamic individual who'd best represent my literary frights that leap from the page.


After consulting my U.S.  literary agent, Hollywood manager and editor, as well as reaching out to my UK agent, Mr. Robert Snow, I finally settled on the terrifically sophisticated, brilliant and refreshing Jeffrey Kosh.


As a commercial entertainment writer, in both the film and literary fields, I was somewhat jaded and quite disgusted with the mediocrity of others when dealing with visionary partnerships. Nothing is more disturbing, than pouring your entire heart into a large project only to be diminished by troglodytes. 


Thanks to my good and late friend, Kat Yares, I waved off the established so called gods of artistic development and  quickly discovered Mr. Kosh was not only better than recommended publishing artists, he exceeded high expectations by leaps and bounds.


All previous artists has to be told, over and over again my concepts... and then, they would deliver three choices.


JEFFREY KOSH understands what entertainment is... he get's it, and within hours of notifying Jeff of what I envision for my commercial works, he delivers the EXACT image I'm thinking about. It's almost like this man is telepathic. In all my years in entertainment. I have never experienced a more capable and genius creative mind.


This review was unsolicited and offered out of complete respect to Mr. Kosh


Jeffrey is my favorite artist to get covers from, and when I need more covers, I'm going straight to him.  He's very professional, works with me, and is very timely, and everybody loves the covers he draws for me.